International films are cheaper than international travel

Jeff Editor

From the Editor’s Desk

Jeff Gaye

I attended the Indian Film Festival of Alberta at the 4 Wing Theatre this weekend.

I’m not a film buff. In fact Sunday was my first time in a movie theatre since 2003, and I rarely watch movies at home.

But I understand the power of the movies. The big screen, the vivid colours, the sound, the action, the music – all come together to tell a story in a way that really draws a viewer into the experience.

It’s a shame that North American viewers don’t embrace foreign films as much as other cultures do. A movie may not be as good as travelling, but it has some advantages. It’s far less expensive, of course. It can also show how people live in other countries, in a way you won’t experience by visiting as a tourist.

The Indian Film Festival of Alberta is centred in Edmonton, but it is doing a great job of reaching out to other communities to bring India’s amazingly diverse culture to all of Alberta. If the idea of Indian cinema immediately suggests “Bollywood” to you, the festival shows there is much, much more to see than Bollywood’s lightweight happy dancing love stories.

[And while the festival was all about the movies, it’s worth mentioning the delicious supper catered by Aachy’s restaurant in Edmonton.]

Congratulations to the festival organizers, provincial and especially local, for bringing this cultural gem to Cold Lake.