Watch for wet weather in August

Pte Fox 2

Averages & Extremes

Pte Jennifer Fox, Wing Meteorology

Summer is here, time for camping and fishing! For those who like hot temperatures and some great storms, this is your season. Keep in mind that with those hot temperatures we have a risk of fires and heat warnings. Remember the sunscreen!

July had rainfall amounts higher than normal at 81.0mm. Temperatures were slightly higher than normal with the highest recorded at 30.1ºC on July 27 and the lowest at 5.2ºC July 19. No daily records were broken this month. Remember there is a higher risk of forest fires, even if the weather has been wet.

For the month of August temperature norms fall in between 22ºC as a high and 9.6 ºC as a low. The highest recorded temperature was 36.1ºC on August 12, 1991, and the lowest was -1.5ºC on August 25, 1982. Rainfall norms this month are 67.8mm with the highest daily amount, 50.8mm, recorded on the August 24, 1993. Thunderstorms will be more frequent this month so watch out for lightning and hail.

August is forecasted to be a wetter month than normal, so when the weather permits get out and enjoy it. Remember when thunder roars, go indoors!

4 Wing Meteorology Office: Local 8001