4 Wing TEME Flight holds driver training competition

CAF Safe Driving Competition

Members from 4 Wing TEME Flight drive a dump truck through the obstacle course.
Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, 4 Wing Imaging

CAF Safe Driving Competition

MCpl Victoria McLaren judged the drivers in the school bus obstacle course.
Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, 4 Wing Imaging

Pte Aaron Thetyres, 4 Wing TEME

Since 1947, Canadian Armed Forces members and DND drivers have demonstrated their driving skills and road safety knowledge by competing in the Canadian Forces Safe Driving Competition (CFSDC).

On June 29, 4 Wing Transport and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (TEME) Flight held a local “Truckers’ Roadeo” modeled after the CFSDC.

Events were geared towards driver training, reinforcement of safe driving principles and building morale within the 4 Wing TEME Flight. The event was a diluted version of the original CFSDC but stuck to the most important aspects of the competition.

All participants wrote a test on DND transport and driver policies, followed by a route discipline course and obstacle courses for buses and dump trucks.

In the route discipline event, teams consisting of a driver and co-driver navigated to checkpoints throughout the Cold Lake area by route card or map and grid reference. They completed challenges including tests on general military knowledge, safe backing and field craft tasks.

The obstacle events for dump trucks and buses were set up to challenge each competitor’s steering, backing and judgment over a timed course. Drivers navigated a serpentine route, vehicle docking and offset and diminishing alleys, testing their knowledge of the length, width and turning radius of their vehicles.

The 2017 Roadeo was a beneficial professional development, morale and team building event for the members of TEME. This event would not have been possible without those members who volunteered as judges and staff. Sgt Steve Abbott, Sgt Alex Gelinas and Sgt Steve Penney, were the event organizers.

4 Wing TEME Roadeo Champions:
Dump Truck
1. Cpl D. Spoelder (Transport)
2. Cpl N. Franklin (RCEME)
3. Cpl B. Blanchet (Transport)
1. Cpl D. Bratzke (Transport)
2. Pte D. Lemaire (Transport)
3. Cpl P. McCahon (RCEME)
Route Discipline
1. Pte R. Foote (Transport) and Pte C. Patry-Lemaire (Transport)
2. Pte M. Lacroix (Transport) and Cfn M. Blackadder (RCEME)
3. Pte A. Arsenault (Transport) and Cfn S. Rodman (RCEME)