New RHU apartments are available for rent

New RHU Apartments

Col Doyle, left, Tania Locke and CWO Brassington cut the ribbon to officially open the RHU apartments.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

New RHU Apartment Kitchen

Ready to move in: the kitchen from one of the suites.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Jeff Gaye

The Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) unveiled its new apartment blocks at an open house last Friday.

The three blocks have six two-bedroom apartments in each. They were built with funds from the Federal Infrastructure Investments Program (FIIP), which has upgraded nearly 1,800 CFHA housing units across Canada.

“We’re very proud that we have another option for military members,” said Tania Locke, housing services manager for CFHA in Cold Lake. “This allows members who are gone for extended periods of time not to have any yard maintenance to worry about while they’re away.”

The occupant fee for the apartments is $850 per month, minus a 10 per cent discount. Utilities are metered separately for each unit. Locke said the units are suitable for single members, roommates, couples or small families.

The apartments are available for allocation, and seven have already been spoken for.

4 Wing Commander Col Paul Doyle said the apartments and other RHU improvements are part of an effort to equip Cold Lake for the future. Canada’s new defence policy calls for 88 advanced fighter aircraft, he said, which will be located at 3 Wing Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake.

“I want to make sure that we’re postured for expansion,” Col Doyle said. “Those 88 fighters are more than what we currently have. The base in 2017 is not what the base of the future looks like, and a huge part is ‘what are we doing with where we’re living?’”

The apartments are the last FIIP project to be completed in Cold Lake. Since 2015, 17 residential housing units have undergone whole house renovations and 143 have received exterior retrofits. Twelve new semi-detached residential housing units were built in addition to the 18 new apartments.

CFHA has invested $16 million under FIIP to improve military housing in Cold Lake. Under a new funding program, Infra2016, CFHA has received $50 million for improvements to its housing portfolio in the current fiscal year.

“CFHA is committed to improving, modernizing and repairing residential housing at bases and wings,” said Dave Thompson, CFHA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer. “The Agency wants to ensure that families who choose to live in DND residential housing enjoy a good quality of life in appropriate and safe accommodation.”