4 Wing troops depart for Romania


Photo: Jeff Gaye

Jeff Gaye

The main group of 4 Wing personnel deploying to Operation Reassurance in Romania departed last Thursday.

Approximately 135 members, primarily ground crew and support personnel, were sent off by command teams and other well-wishers as they boarded the CC-177 Globemaster aircraft that would take them to eastern Europe.

One Master Corporal, who cannot be identified for security reasons, said the troops were looking forward to getting the long flight over with and getting to work.

This is his second operational deployment, having served in Operation Impact in Kuwait. He says there are similarities between the two missions but for him there’s one key difference.

“Jobwise, nothing is any different,” he said. “I’m well trained and ready to do what I need to do.

“On a personal basis, it’s a huge difference. I have a one year old, my first kid. So personally it’s a little harder.”

He said he is “very confident” that his family will be supported while he is away. “I find there’s even more support this time. It’s like they looked at what went well or less well the first time I went and used that to make the support even better.”

Aircrew and technicians on the deployment are primarily from 409 Squadron. Four CF-18 Hornet fighters will augment the Romanian Air Force and help with defending Romanian airspace starting September 1. Most of the deployed personnel will return to Cold Lake early in the new year.