New machine measures muscle, fat

InBody 270

LCol Brian Zimmerman logs into the InBody 270 while Tammy Buchanan conducts the test.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Jeff Gaye

Given that knowledge is power, there is a role for good data in guiding personal health, fitness and even strength.

4 Wing’s Health Promotion department is trying out a new machine that can tell you your body composition including water, muscle and fat. This information can help you make informed choices regarding your personal health and fitness.

The InBody 270 body composition analyzer uses electric currents (bioelectrical impedance) to measure what you’re made of. The readout tells you how your own body composition compares to others of your gender, age and height, and guides recommendations for exercise and eating habits.

“It can tell you if you have too much fat compared to muscle mass,” said Health Promotion manager Tammy Buchanan. “It can also tell you how many calories you burn at rest – just sitting on the couch,” she said. This helps to determine a minimum calorie intake for sustaining body and brain health.

The data can also advise you whether you have enough muscle strength to propel you through your day-to-day activities. This may not seem important for most people, but Buchanan says it has implications as we age.

The machine is on loan to the Health Promotion department for 30 days. If it looks like adds value to health and fitness programs, the department will look at buying one.

“In the 2013/2014 Health and Lifestyle Information Survey, it was noted that more than half of all Regular Force personnel reported wanting to lose weight,” Buchanan said. “The delivery of assessments using the InBody 270 could be educational and motivational for members in the CAF. Combining the assessments with the Weight Wellness Program, U Grow Program, Unit Canteen evaluations, and Unit briefings could enhance members’ chances for success in weight management.”