Gear up for CAF Sports Day

Jeff Editor

From the Editor’s Desk

Jeff Gaye

Sports fandom brings out our tribal nature, at its best and at its less-than-best.

My own tribe, Saskatchewan Roughrider fans, used to be respected as the best, most loyal fans in the country. Fans from other CFL teams always thought we were kind of cute.

That was when the Riders were perennial losers.

Now that the team has had success and is at least marginally competitive, other fans don’t like us so much. Instead of loveable losers, the team and its fans are often seen as arrogant and boorish. And to some extent, it’s true.

The fierce loyalty that sports brands command turns some fans of every team, from every sport, into louts.

But for most fans, loyalty makes the games fun. Few things are as boring as watching a game when you don’t care who wins. When you’re invested, a good match has all the drama of Shakespeare – heroes and villains, fateful interventions, comedy, tragedy and a special air of unpredictability.

One of the fun parts of the annual CAF Sports Day is seeing participants and spectators wearing their favourite pro team’s gear. There’s a lot of diverse interests – different sports, different leagues, different teams. You even see jerseys from some teams that you wouldn’t think would have a widespread fan base.

I’ve always covered the event wearing the green and white of my beloved Roughriders, and while I see others in Rider gear I’m always a bit disappointed there aren’t more. Back home, everybody is decked out in team colours – you’ll even see surgeons wearing Roughrider scrubs.
Are you out there, Rider fans? Let’s put on a show of strength on Friday!

But let’s not be louts about it eh.