Three new events added to Friday’s CAF Sports Day lineup

Jeff Gaye

PSP sports and fitness staff have added three new sports to make Friday’s CAF Sports Day the biggest and most diverse in the event’s five-year history.

Cricket, yoga and rugby sevens are new this year, bringing the Sports Day lineup to 10 different sports and physical recreation activities. Other events include hockey, curling, squash, volleyball, disc golf, a spinn-a-thon and a scavenger hunt.

Cold Lake participated in the inaugural Sports Day in Canada in 2013 with hockey, curling and volleyball as the only offerings. According to 4 Wing Fitness and Sports Manager Josey Yearley, the growth over the years reflects the high level of participation from 4 Wing personnel, and the variety of activities shows their diverse sporting interests.

Yearley said the popularity of PSP’s yoga programs led to its inclusion this year, but it was also added because it makes Sports
Day activity available to more defence team members.

“If you’re worried about injury or liability, yoga is a good choice,” she said. “But also if you can’t commit the whole day to fun, you can still commit an hour to one of our yoga sessions or the spinn-a-thon.”

Cricket was introduced to 4 Wing as a recreational sport this year, under the leadership of Avr Rishabh Sharma of 410 Squadron. “It’s quite popular,” Yearley said. “It’s new, interesting and popular, and we have the equipment, so Sports Day is a great opportunity to give it a bit of the spotlight. Avr Sharma is very passionate about teaching the sport.”

Rugby has long had a presence in the CAF, particularly through the military colleges. 4 Wing players are currently able to participate with the local civilian club, but the sport may soon be adopted as a military sport for regional and national competition. “So why not highlight it and give people the opportunity to try something fun or different?” Yearley said.

Avr Jordan Charlebois of 409 Squadron is taking the lead for rugby sevens at 4 Wing.

The goal of CAF Sports Day is to maximize participation, reinforce unit cohesion, and build morale through sport. To make the day’s events accessible to more members than ever, 4 Wing Commander Col Paul Doyle has declared Friday a no-fly day.

PSP will also provide recreation opportunities for families on Saturday October 21, with free swimming, skating and rock climbing at the Col JJ Parr Sports Centre.

In conjunction with Sports Day activities, Col Doyle will unveil a leader board at Col JJ Parr Sports Centre. The board will display the names of members who have attained the platinum level for FORCE fitness testing.