Contractor digging for answers at the CANEX gas station

gas station

Workers have dug down to the pipes to find the source of the fuel leak at CANEX gas station.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Jeff Gaye

A contractor is working to investigate a fuel leak discovered earlier this year at the CANEX gas station.

The gas station has been closed since January following the discovery that fuel had escaped from the gas lines. The contractor has dug down to the underground lines to gather information that will show where the failure happened.

“This work is expected to take a couple of weeks only, after which we will be working to remove the lines and tanks,” said Maj Lydia Evequoz, Officer Commanding 4 Wing Real Properties Operations (RP Ops).

“RP Ops, in conjunction with Wing Environment and the Environmental Sciences Group from the Royal Military College of Canada, have established where the spill has migrated and are now working on establishing a remediation plan,” Maj Evequoz said.

CANEX ExpressMart service has been consolidated with the CANEX retail store. The Beehive Thrift Shop, which used to operate out of the gas station building, has also been moved to the CANEX mall.

The gas station will be demolished sometime next year.