4 Mission Support Squadron activated under restructuring initiative

4 Mission Support Sqn Assumption of Command Parade

Col Doyle and LCol MacRae unveil the new 4 MSS crest.
Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, Wing Imaging

4 Mission Support Sqn Assumption of Command Parade

LCol MacRae becomes the first CO of 4 Mission Support Squadron.
Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, Wing Imaging

Jeff Gaye

In the words of LCol Brian Zimmerman, it was “not a usual change of appointment circumstance.”

A parade last week marked the stand down of the Wing Logistics and Engineering (WLE) Branch, the stand down of Wing Administration, and the creation of 4 Mission Support Squadron (4 MSS). LCol Andrea MacRae was installed as the first commanding officer of the new unit.

Under 4 Wing’s restructuring initiative, Wing Administration becomes a function of 4 MSS. Wing Telecommunications and Information Squadron (WTIS), which had formerly been under WLE, now falls under the Operational Support Squadron (OSS).

LCol Zimmerman, the former Wing Administration Officer, becomes the Deputy Wing Commander with a new set of responsibilities including MFRC, PSP, Wing Environment, Wing Safety and more. Some of these organizations had been under his previous purview as Wing Administration Officer, while others will be new to him.

At Thursday’s parade, LCol Zimmerman thanked the W Admin personnel for their “professionalism, team work and humour.”
“I have never served with a more talented or more dedicated team,” he said.

Although administration in the CAF has been evolving and changing since the 1990s, LCol Zimmerman said, the mission will not change. “The new structure will better enable us to continue and even enhance that support both domestically and deployed,” he said.

4 Wing Commander Col Paul Doyle said the restructuring will bring organizational structures at RCAF Wings into line with those in Air Task Forces. “The approach of the RCAF is to realign the Wings to work at home as we fight abroad,” he said.

“For all the personnel of the branches, I reassure you this change will help us achieve operational success,” Col Doyle said. “Work together as a team in order for this change to happen as smoothly as possible. The consolidation of some aspects of the Wing
will help us become more efficient and help increase our support to the Wing.”

As the first CO of 4 MSS, LCol MacRae said the new squadron will continue the “outstanding support” that logisticians and engineers have provided to CFB Cold Lake since first arriving in March of 1954.

“As members of a single squadron we will have a firmer link to the RCAF and continue to build esprit de corps and begin to write a proud history as the Mission Support Squadron,” she said.

“The strength of 4 Mission Support Squadron will continue to be its people. Know that the work you do is vitally important and that you play a key role in the operational activities at this Wing and base.”