4 Wing performs well at regional racquet tournaments


4 Wing’s badminton team did well at Prairie Region championships. The squash team picture was not available at press time.
Photo: 15 Wing Moosejaw

Jeff Gaye

“Silver and gold, silver and gold…” – Burl Ives

4 Wing’s racquet squad brought back some medals from the Prairie Region squash and badminton championships in Moose Jaw earlier this month. In addition to the medals, there were some strong performances and placements on the Prairie Region team for CAF National competition in spring 2018.

WO Jean Francois Neron won badminton gold medals in his individual category as well as in doubles play. Capt David Hung and Maj Think Nguyen won silver medals in their individual categories and in doubles competition. Each had a doubles partner from another base.

MCpl Mark Wojcik won the gold medal in his squash category. Avr Jesiah Stuart, Lt Peter Broussard and Lt Jakob Bowering all took home silver medals.

The CAF National championships in badminton and squash will be held in Borden in spring of 2018.