Six new year tips for Christians

Padre Rosinski

Chaplain’s Corner

Padre Marcin Rosinski

Here is the new year, and with it the resolutions: “I will lose a few kilograms”, “I will run” … I wish you that with all my heart, but experience tells me not many of us will succeed.

How can we make this year better? Well, unfortunately there is no universal solution. But here is a completely subjective list of New Year’s tips – straight from my head, my heart and my personal experience.

Instead of making resolutions, pray

Instead of all the resolutions, decide on just one thing: “This year I will come into a closer relationship with God.” You will see your life change consistently by the power of His grace. You might find that you do not have to force yourself to look after yourself, because God will reveal how much your body means to you and you will want to take care of it. You will realize how much you want to become better, because God has a good plan for you. Do only one thing – pray. The effect is guaranteed and sealed with your own experience!

Instead of asking for love – give love

This is probably the most delicate and painful spot in all of us – the desire to be loved. God reveals to us that love might be experienced, not only by receiving it, but perhaps above all, by giving it.

Clean up

Bad habits, a messy space, bad relationships – we all know it. Having a good life motivates us to clean up our soul!

When life becomes overwhelming, we immediately clean up where possible on both physical and spiritual spectrums – for example, washing the dishes and vacuuming, or going to confession. When we do this, the Holy Spirit immediately appears, pouring new, better thoughts onto us. So clean up!

Think like God

Our negative thoughts about ourselves – that we are unable to do things, we are unworthy, we will not succeed; or that nothing ever changes in my life, it is not worth getting to know me – are frightening.

As a child of God, you have to say STOP to all such thoughts! You cannot change this thinking with a magic wand, it requires courage, consistency and discipline to find out what God thinks about us. Do you realize that God thinks all the best things about you? Take the Holy Bible and read how beautiful, wise, worthy and loved you are! The more you absorb this, the more your self-esteem will be healed. Start thinking about yourself as God thinks about you and everything will change for the better.

Thank, love, be grateful

Give thanks for everything, even the bad things. God’s logic is unusual – He can transform bad into good! By thanking for the bad things, in the sense that every experience, through His power, can come to your advantage, you open yourself to an infinite blessing!

Be honest about much good you have encountered in life. Stop complaining. The simplest gifts are the most beautiful. You live, you are healthy, you have friends, you have something to eat, you have a job – we could go on and on.

Ask for more – because there is more!

God is infinitely good and He has more for you. If you think your only goal is to have a good and happy life and peaceful death, you are wrong. Your life can mean more, and be more, than you expect. You can experience real miracles every day, and what’s more, these miracles can happen through your own doing.

So do not just try to hold on to what you have achieved, do not overly care about what you got from God, in fear that you will lose it in a moment. God has more every day and certainly has more for you in this new year. Ask for it bravely!

Good Dad, you are infinitely Beautiful, Good and Faithful. Thank you for this year. Give us all even more, because without You we can do nothing!