Straighten yourselves out!

Jeff Gaye

We can make all the resolutions we want, and even stick to them. But eventually we may realize the problem was never us – it’s everybody else!

The Courier asked people what new year’s resolutions other people should make so the world can be a better place. To be honest we were looking for snark more than wisdom, but we ended up with a good mix. And there can be profound wisdom in a little snark…


Be more open-minded and less quick to judge.

-Lisa Seiler









People should be willing to admit their mistakes. A lot of people think that’s a form of weakness, but when you realize that the people you work with and who lead you are human too, I think it develops a deeper sense of cooperation and team-building.

-Avr Devon MacDougall






Try not to be so selfish, and do things for other people even though it might not benefit you.

-Natasha Lunt








In my personal opinion the whole world would be much better if they stopped trying to tell other people how to do their job.

-Cpl Renee McKenna







People should be more aware of others on the road. Such as if you’re driving the speed limit in the left lane, or less than the speed limit in the left lane, all the way through town. Move over to the right lane until you need to turn left. And use a signal light once in a while, that helps too.

-Sherry Kemper






I read somewhere, “more heart – less attack.” I think that’s probably my resolution.

-John White