Try to remember that thaw in December

Pte Fox 2

Averages & Extremes

Pte Jennifer Fox

As we head into the New Year and put the past years weather behind us, and our days starting to get longer again after the winter solstice, what does Mother Nature have in store for us?

Average temperatures for January consist of mid-minuses to overnight lows dipping to -35 or colder. Let’s hope we don’t reach the record low of minus 48.3 set in 1954 – that is cold! January is also the month for snow, with the record set at 46.4 cm in 1994. Bring out the ski-doos and dog sleds because we just may need them.

And what a December we have had, with mild temperatures and dry weather by Cold Lake standards. We did experience those bitter cold temperatures, thankfully not reaching the record low of minus 44.4 set in 1963, but I bet we are all happy about that! In December we only saw 5.7 cm of snow and 1.0 mm of rain, leaving us with a trace amount of snow on the ground – well below the historical average of 17 cm.

As another year comes to a close, our weather in Cold Lake has been up, down and full of surprises. From early December with temperatures around +10 to end of the month lows near -36. Let’s hope for a just below freezing, snow filled January that is perfect for hitting the slopes.

And remember, plug those cars in!