4 Wing tour makes science come alive for Elizabeth School students

Elizabeth School Students Tour of 4 Wing

Photo: Cpl Andrew MacLean, 4 Wing Imaging

Elizabeth School Students Tour of 4 Wing

Sgt Geoff Rowan of 417 Squadron demonstrated Search and Rescue gear, and Capt Justin Catania of 401 Squadron gave a tour of a CF-18 Hornet to Grade 6 students from Elizabeth School last week.
Photo: Cpl Andrew MacLean, 4 Wing Imaging

Jeff Gaye

Grade 6 students from Elizabeth School visited 4 Wing last week as part of their science studies.

The students are studying flight, and teacher Danielle O’Connor said the tour helped make the concepts real. “The kids loved it,” she said.
“The people at the base are just fantastic.”

“The students can identify the elevators, the ailerons, the rudders on the planes. They understand how lift works from actually seeing it on the planes and helicopters.”

The tour included visits to the control tower, 417 Squadron and 401 Squadron. The stop at 417 Squadron included a demonstration from Search and Rescue Technicians.

The students were impressed by the view from the tower, and they loved the opportunity to climb into a CF-18 Hornet at 401 Squadron.

“It was awesome!” said Teagan Crookedneck, one of the students. “We got to go inside the jet, and see the night vision goggles. That was so cool – I think I might be a pilot when I’m older.”

Another student, Rainen Desjarlais, was impressed with the tower. “It’s such a high view, you can see everything,” he said. Watching a CH-146 Griffon helicopter take off and sitting in the cockpit of the Hornet were other highlights for him. But travelling at a Hornet’s top speed “would actually be really scary,” he said.

Tammy Bright Burden is the 4 Wing Visits Officer. She said school visits are important for the Wing and offer special insights to students.

“It’s important for students to see that there’s more going at 4 Wing than the jets and fighter pilots they see every day,” she said. “There are a lot of people here doing different things, and potentially a lot of different career opportunities.”