No cheering in the press box!

Jeff Editor

From the Editor’s Desk

Jeff Gaye

There’s a firm rule among sportswriters: no cheering in the press box.

Sports media are supposed to report on the games fairly and impartially. Every fan knows they fall short, but even if the coverage is biased the rule stands: no cheering.

I bring this up because the CAF Canada West women’s hockey championships will be in Cold Lake next week. As a courtesy to other base papers across the region, I offered to send them pictures of their teams in action.

Bill McLeod, manager of 17 Wing’s excellent newspaper The Voxair, was the first to accept the offer. “I’d love some pictures,” he said, “especially since 17 Wing is going to kick butt!”

Okay, buddy. It’s on.

I have complete confidence in our 4 Wing Wolves. I’ve played against them. With their speed and skill, they make me look like a pylon out there. (I am a pylon, but still.)

I asked Bill if he wanted to back up his boast. He was game, so we have ourselves a bet: if Winnipeg wins the championship, the Courier staff will donate $100 to the 17 Wing MPs for the Military Police Fund for Blind Children. If Cold Lake wins, the good people at The Voxair will donate to the fund through our 11 MP Flight.

And if neither team wins, each of us will donate $50 through our respective MP sections.

The tournament begins with round robin play Monday, January 29. The semi-finals will be on Tuesday, and the final on Wednesday. Check the 4 Wing Bulletin page for game times and results.

And please visit to learn more about the MPs’ Fund for Blind Children – a worthwhile charity with a great history.

I’m looking forward to some great hockey next week from all of the participating teams, and I’m sure whoever wins will carry the Canada West colours proudly to the CAF national tournament.

And I won’t be cheering in the press box – but I will have a favourite.

The Courier Staff

Photo: Donna Thorne

Voxair-4264 (002)

Four for 4 Wing: The Courier’s staff (clockwise from left Daphnee Hudon, Jeff Gaye, Alina Mallais and Karla Callbeck) is backing the Cold Lake Wolves in a bet with The Voxair (from left Bruce Tulloch, Martin Zeilig, Bill McLeod and Misra Yakut). However the tournament goes, the MP Blind Children’s Fund will be the winner.
Photo: Diane Brine