Cold Lake brings home two hockey silvers

2018 Regional Hockey tournament

Photo: Pte Montpetit, 17 Wing Imaging, Winnipeg, MB.

2018 Regional Hockey tournament

Hockey action from Cold Lake vs. Winnipeg at the Prairie Region Championships held in Winnipeg last week.
Photo: Pte Montpetit, 17 Wing Imaging, Winnipeg, MB.

Jeff Gaye

Cold Lake’s Oldtimers and Men’s hockey teams have both returned from Prairie Regionals in Winnipeg with silver medals.

The Men’s team finished the round robin in first place after beating Winnipeg, Wainwright and Moose Jaw and tying their game against Edmonton. In the semifinal they faced fourth-place Moose Jaw and advanced to the final with a 4-1 win.

The championship game was close, but in the end Winnipeg prevailed 3-1.

“I’m really happy with my team,” said Cpl Bob Lamoureux, the squad’s coach. “Considering we had two injuries in the first game, it was a stellar display of hockey from our guys. They played strong.”

A third player was injured in the tournament. He dressed but did not play.

The team ran into penalty trouble n the third period of the final. Lamoureux said Cold Lake was down 2-1 and pressing to tie, but a 5-on-3 power play goal for Winnipeg put the game away.

The Oldtimers squad took a different route to reach the final of their three-team championship tournament.

Cold Lake lost both of its round robin games, 8-5 to Edmonton and 8-2 to Winnipeg. But the underdog Fading Fighters surprised Winnipeg in the semifinal, winning 4-2.

The championship game against Edmonton was also much closer than the round robin meeting, but Edmonton finally prevailed with a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

“The tournament was good,” said team captain Sgt Jeff Bond. “We were hurting for players because some of our guys couldn’t make it, but we were able to pick up a player from Shilo.”

The team’s turnaround for the playoffs was largely thanks to the addition of two players from the Cold Lake Packers men’s team. The two are of eligible age for Oldtimers, but were held in reserve until the playoffs.

Sgt Bond said the team ran into penalty trouble in the third period of the final, and Edmonton scored their winner on a two-man advantage.