Demo Team is ready to fly

2018 DEMO JET - 4 APR 18

Capt Porteous gives us a topside view of the paint scheme.
Photo: Cpl Manuela Berger, Wing Imaging

Unveiling of the 2018 Demo Jet

Cpl Sean Adel is the engine specialist on the West maintenance crew.
Photo: OS Justin Spinello, Wing Imaging

Unveiling of the 2018 Demo Jet

The 2018 Demo Hornet takes its first flight over Cold Lake.
Photo: Cpl Manuela Berger, Wing Imaging

Unveiling of the 2018 Demo Jet

CF-18 Demo Pilot Capt Stefan Porteous gets his first look at his jet for the air show season.
Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, Wing Imaging

Jeff Gaye

The 2018 CF-18 Demo Team is excited to get the show on the road.

Capt Stefan Porteous from 433 Squadron in Bagotville will fly the specially-painted Hornet, displaying its NORAD 60 theme.

“I believe this year’s design does a perfect job reflecting the invaluable 60-year link we’ve enjoyed with our American allies through the North American Aerospace Defense Command structure,” Capt Porteous said. “To be able to shine a light on the constant and unending effort that goes into protecting air sovereignty, airspace warning and ensuring the defence of North America, through the display of this aircraft, is an honour.

“This aircraft and its stunning paint job will no doubt serve as a fitting reminder that 24/7, 365 days a year, there are Canadian and American servicemembers ready to respond to any situation at a moment’s notice.”

Two ground crews will keep the Hornet flying. Sgt Glen Jefferson of 401 Squadron will lead the West maintenance team, made up of technicians from 4 Wing units. He said the crew is excited to get the assignment.

“I like being behind the scenes, making sure that jet flies every routine safely and performs flawlessly. That’s my purpose for the next six months,” he said. MCpl Pat Cardinal (10 FTTS), Cpl Sean Adel (409 Squadron), and Cpl Robert Murray (410 Squadron) are the other technicians on the West team.

The CF-18 Demonstration Team will perform at the Cold Lake Air Show July 21 and 22.