MFRC raises a toast to its volunteers

The Courier

The Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) honoured 4 Wing volunteers last Friday.

The annual Volunteer Appreciation Night included mocktails, dinner, a dance and karaoke. The event showed the MFRC’s appreciation for the many hours donated by all of its volunteers, and offered special recognition to volunteers in four categories.

MFRC’s Youth Services also recognized four categories of young people as Leaders of Tomorrow.

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Awards:

Group award 2

Group Award: Nelson Heights School: Critter Club
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Grades 4 5 6

Grades 4-5-6: Damian & Dominic Possberg
Photo: Jeff Gaye

grades 7 8 9

Grades 7-8-9: Amy Anderson
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Grade 10 11 12

Grades 10-11-12: Cole Janssen-James
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Volunteer Awards:

Vol of the year

4 Wing MFRC Volunteer of the Year – Catriona Lee for the MFRC Sew and Sew Club
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Group of the year

Most Outstanding Community Group of the Year – MFRC Crop Haven Group
Photo: Jeff Gaye

spirit of community award

United Way Spirit Of Community Award – MWO Gary James
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Lifetime achievement award

Lifetime Achievement Award – Mrs. Norma Wight
Photo: Jeff Gaye