Northwest Region Cadets learn about CAF during 4 Wing visit

cadets visit

MCpl Ceilidh Grant shows cadets the engine from a W TEME recovery vehicle.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

4 Wing Cadet Visit 2018 Group Photo

More than 20 units sent cadets to 4 Wing for last weekend’s visit.
Photo: Justin Spinello

Jeff Gaye

Approximately 500 cadets from Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia visited 4 Wing last weekend for a Canadian Armed Forces familiarization tour.

The cadets visited 401 and 409 Squadrons and saw some of the teams behind the scenes, including W TEME, GSAR, ATC, and the Meteorology Section. They also had an interpretive tour of the mounted aircraft and radar displays, offering them a glimpse into RCAF history.

Cadet MWO Parker Jackson from Fort McMurray said the teamwork that makes 4 Wing run was impressive. “Seeing the mechanics that repair the airplanes, seeing the heavy equipment, and the people who prepare the food – there’s a lot of people turning the cogs.”

4 Wing’s Cadet Liaison Officer Capt Karl Braschuk said a goal of the visit was to introduce cadets to a variety of possibilities, including potential military or civilian careers. “The goal was they arrive here interested, and go home smiling,” he said.

“The main thing is that they are inspired toward something.”

Capt Braschuk offered his thanks on behalf of Northwest Region Cadets to the volunteers within the organization and on the base that made the experience possible.

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