4 Wing member sets speed record with Log Branch 50th Anniversary Flag

Logistic Branch 50th Anniversary Group Photo

4 Wing’s logisticians got together for a group photo with the 50th Anniversary flag and banner last Friday.
Photo: OS Erica Seymour, Wing Imaging

LCol Douglas Martin

A Canadian Forces Logistics Branch aviator stationed at 4 Wing Cold Lake was the first person to break the sound barrier while carrying the Logistics Branch 50th Anniversary flag and pennant.

Avr Catherine Grenier of 4 Mission Support Squadron took the flag aboard a CF-18 commanded by Capt Denis Beaulieu of 410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron.

“I was surprised to be chosen,” said Avr Grenier, a Human Resources Administrator at 4 Wing. “The most impressive part of the flight was the crushing force the aircraft has on the body. It’s amazing that pilots do this every day.”

The 50th Anniversary Flag Relay began in Ottawa on Canada Day 2017. It has since visited CAF logisticians in 11 countries and traveled a distance exceeding the circumference of the Earth. The flag will continue across Canada culminating with a special parade on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in October.