MSE Safety is patrolling during Safe Driving Week

safe driving week

W TEME conducts regular training, including last week’s trailer course, to qualify DND drivers on all types of vehicles.
Photo: Jeff Gaye

Jeff Gaye

It’s safe driving week, and MCpl Troy Crawford of W TEME says it’s a good time for drivers to check their habits on the road.

MSE Safety will be out looking for seatbelt infractions and violations of the DND-wide policy of backing into a parking space. Backing in makes it easier, and safer, to drive out.

“We’ve had eight backing collisions since the first of January,” MCpl Crawford said. “That’s quite a lot.”

MSE Safety personnel will also be checking drivers’ DND 404s (military drivers’ licence) to make sure they have the appropriate qualifications for the vehicle they are operating.

MCpl Crawford said it is incumbent on drivers and their supervisors to make sure military vehicles are operated safely. This means ensuring drivers are qualified, and it also means drivers should be able to tell their supervisors if they are too tired or otherwise unsafe to operate vehicles or other equipment.

And distracted driving remains an issue. “We get called when someone in a DND vehicle is spotted yapping on their cell phone, and obviously that’s not good,” MCpl Crawford said. Such cases will result in a suspension of the member’s 404.

MCpl Crawford will be out in the MSE Safety vehicle this week watching for violations.

“I’ll be patrolling,” he said. “I’m not out to be the bad guy. I’m just out there to make sure everyone’s doing things properly and safely.”