Cadets arrive for summer training

Cadets arrive for summer training

Staff cadets clear in on arrival at Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre.
Photo by Grant Cree

Jeff Gaye

The Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre (CLCTC) has begun its summer training.

Camp staff arrived June 24, and 140 staff cadets, who augment the CLCTC officer and instructor corps, reported last week. The main body of cadets arrived in Cold Lake this past weekend.

Between now and mid-August, 1,360 cadets will complete courses at CLCTC.

Three of the courses are three weeks long, and two more courses are six weeks long. The shorter courses are in Basic Fitness and Sports, Basic Aviation, and Basic Survival.

The six-week courses are the Fitness and Sport Instructor Course, in which cadets will learn to develop and deliver sports activities in their home squadrons; and the Survival Instructor Course, which combines survival techniques with leadership and instructional skills.

Cadet summer training has been conducted at CFB Cold Lake since 1973, when a Senior Leaders Course was implemented here. The survival school moved here in 1988. Since then, several different courses and programs have been conducted in Cold Lake.