Not all hornet hangars are on the flight line

It’s nice to have more neighbours in Building 67.

The Centennial Centre, which has long housed The Courier offices, opened in 1967. Like many buildings on the base, it is made of modules (trailers). It is standing up fairly well after 51 years, but it’s starting to showing its age.

We’ve kept the good folks at Real Property Ops hopping with repairs to heating, air conditioning, outside steps, water pipes and washroom fixtures. They have also stepped up to remediate mould and mouse populations.

The building was recently renovated to accommodate our new neighbours from Integrated Personnel Support Centre and Veterans’ Affairs Canada. The new CCMS office is also moving in (see story on page 9). And our old friends at Civilian Human Resources Office and Wing Personnel Selection Office are still here.

It’s a buzzing place.

Literally, as it turns out. Another new tenant has recently moved in — a nest of hornets. RP Ops has been notified, and I’m sure the problem will be taken care of quickly. And this is a CF-18 base after all, so we’re not the only building that has Hornets in it.

So I guess this is progress — I’m sure when the place was built in 1967, there weren’t Starfighters in the ceiling.