Bells of Peace

Padre Willis

Padre Willis

This Remembrance Day marks the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War.

To mark this occasion there will be a ringing of Bells of Peace across Canada at sundown.

“On November 11, 1918 … church bells rang out spontaneously across the country to celebrate the signing of the “Armistice.” After four brutal years … and so many young men and women dead or injured…the First World War was officially over.”

The joy and relief one hundred years ago will be recognized in communities and at participating Legions and churches across the country when the first bells ring in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador when the sun sets there at 1629 hrs. Each peel of bells will be separated by five seconds. The final ringing will take place in Victoria, B.C. at Fort Rodd Hill when the suns sets at 1639 hrs.

Here at 4 Wing our chapels Holy Name and St. Mark’s will hold afternoon worship services in lieu of the morning Remembrance Day commemorations at the Cold Lake Energy Centre. The Mass at Holy name Chapel will begin at 1600 hrs local. A commemorative service will also be held at St. Mark’s Protestant Chapel at 1530 hrs led by our civilian officiant Rev Ariane Wasilow. Mbrs who plan to attend the service at St. Mark’s should come dressed in their military dress uniform that they would have worn to the morning commemoration at the Energy Centre. Following the St. Mark’s service bells will ring from the Protestant chapel at approximately 1626 hrs.