Climate outlook for December 2018

Cpl Suren Chandrabose, Briefer/Observer 4 WING COLD LAKE WING OPS WEATHER OFFICE

Winter is upon us! With the holiday season just around the corner, we have started to see slippery road conditions with more snow and colder temperatures.

November was fairly mild with temperature norms at 7.7°C as an average high, and -19.3° an average low. There was a rainfall amount of 3.4 millimetres throughout the month but overall lower than average snowfall and total precipitation. The highest amount of daily rainfall recorded this month was on Nov. 1, with 3.2 mm of rain and the highest daily snowfall was recorded on Nov. 9, with 4.8 centimetres of snow.

The temperature norms for the month of December are -9.9°C for the daily high and -19.1°C for the daily minimum. The warmest temperature recorded was 10.1°C on Dec. 19, 2004, and the coldest temperature was -44.4°C on the Dec. 31, 1992. Rain has been recorded to fall this month and the record monthly rainfall was 10 mm in 1989, and highest daily value was 6.6 mm on Dec. 27, 1994.

The monthly snowfall record was 56.2cm in 1989 and daily record was on the Dec. 2, 1989 with 17 cm.

Keep safe, enjoy the holidays, and have a Happy New Year.