Climate outlook for January 2019

Cpl Suren Chandrabose

So, as we head into the New Year and put behind the past year’s weather, what we will be faced with as we head into January?

What a December we have had! With mild temperatures and dry weather according to Cold Lake standards with a day time high record on 15 December of 2.2 degrees. We have yet to experience those bitter cold temperatures of the mid minus 30’s or come close to breaking that record low of minus 44.4, but I bet we are all happy about that one! For the month of December, we saw 22.2 cm of snow and a trace amount of rain.

So, what does the weather have in store for us? Average temperatures for this month consist of mid-minuses to overnight lows dipping to minus 35 or colder. Let’s hope we don’t reach the record low of minus 48.3 set in 1954. January is the month for snow with the exception of 2012 which saw very little. According to historical data and as you all remember in 2013, we saw 40.4 cm dumped onto the city in just one month, which believe it or not is still below the record set in 1994 of 46.4.

Happy New Year everyone! With our days starting to get longer again after the winter solstice, and as another years comes to a close, our weather here in Cold Lake has some more cold weather to ahead.