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Tech at work MacRae

The Courier

Name: MCpl Heather (HJL) MacRae

Hometown: Beaverbank, NS

How long have you been in the CAF? 22+ years

Why did you become an Imagery Tech? Ex Artillery, I was broken and had to choose another trade that fit my Medical limitations. Imagery technician seemed pretty cool and allowed me to continue with the CAF.

What is your favourite type of photography? Geesh, so hard to pick. Nature / people (close up expressions) and creating inspirational memes.

As a Photographer what would be your dream job? Anything with baby animals.

What is the best photo you have ever taken? Most photographer believes that have not taken it yet. I feel that it is subjective to the observer.

CN and Sky Dome

Photo: MCpl Heather (HJL) MacRae