Growing up is tough stuff!


Nikki Sinclair

Navigating the way through the trials and tribulations of growing up isn’t an easy journey for most kids. The juggling of school, family and social lives, thrown in with changing minds and bodies, can make these years of childhood (very) confusing. The generation of technology and social media amplifies the worries of what to wear, how to act, and how to balance doing well in school with being “cool”; far more so than that of the generations that came before.

The decisions made in those adolescent years will, more likely than not, shape the adult we become in the future. Making the right decisions, finding the right group of friends, and being who we were born to be can be scary; self-confidence and feeling empowered to be who we are, will make those tough times easier. Characteristics like resilience, problem-solving, strong communication skills, and empathy for others, are areas adults, too, strive to improve upon! Think of the success children would be setting up for if they could nurture these qualities as youth!

4 Wing PSP is invested in the future of our youth and they want to help make growing up easier; focusing on the fun of it! This year’s Spring Break Camp entitled “The Empowerment Project”, facilitated by LB Productions, is a four day preforming arts camp designed to do just that! The Empowerment Project is not just about drama, music and art (while that may be the focus), it is about building self-love, respect for others, developing the ability to think outside of one’s self and family unit, and to empower youth to be who they are, dream their dreams, and be confident!

Through the art of performance one learns to speak clearly, articulate and project, but also to listen. They learn to think on their feet, solve problems, and bounce back from mistakes. Performance games and exercises teach youth to operate outside of their comfort zone, cope with fears and anxieties and build trust through interpersonal skills.

The lessons gained through preforming arts will transfer over into other aspects of their lives, increasing academic performance, strengthening social skills, and, perhaps most importantly, helping to develop their self-resilience and self-confidence!

While nothing will fully take away from the awkwardness of growing up or the stressors of school, sports, family and friends, perhaps arming our children with the power of a positive self-esteem, will help them navigate their way through the adolescent years with a little more ease and joy!
For more information on LB Productions “The Empowerment Program” Spring Break Camp, presented by 4 Wing PSP, please visit for information and registration details.