Face behind the photos

The Courier

LS Lisa Sheppard

Leading Seaman Lisa Sheppard

Rank: Leading Seaman

Hometown: Barrie, ON

How long have you been in the CAF: Almost nine years

Why did you become an Imagery Tech? I enjoy photography and wanted to learn more about it.

What is your favourite type of photography? I like photography in general, but what I really love to do is graphic design and videos. I like micro photography as well and high speed video production.

As a Photographer what would be your dream job? Working for a big company doing either graphic design or video production.

Describe the best photo you have ever taken including location, subject, year of capture and why this image was important to capture ( ie: unique opportunity…etc): I’ve taken some great images over the years and I’ve done some amazing PhotoShop montages and videos which I’m really proud of.


Photo: Leading Seamen Lisa Sheppard