It’s time for new hope and kindness

Rev. Z. G. Burkiciak (Maj. Retired), Chaplain

Spring time is a time of hope, a time of new life, a time of new ideas. In the community of the Church, we celebrate this new life as a feast of Resurrection. New life which Christ demonstrated in Resurrection. The disciples of Jesus did not understand fully this idea but gradually they were able through faith to accept this fact that Jesus is the Risen Lord. In Christian communities around the world, we celebrate this event. In our Roman Catholic Community during this coming week which we call Holy Week. We celebrate these different events.

1. Palm Sunday, Solemn entry of Jesus to Jerusalem with the Palms which people used during that time.

2. On Thursday, we celebrate the last supper with his friends, the disciples, the institution of the Eucharist when Christ gave us his Body and Blood.
3. On Friday, His Passion and death on the cross through which he brought us New Life.

4. On Saturday, Easter Vigil when we introduce the new members into our community and celebrate his New Life in Resurrection.

5. On Sunday, in the solemn way we proclaim that Christ is the Risen Lord.
Life is around us, with people who are helping each other.

Life is demonstrated in different ways, we need to see a new hope, love, compassion and kindness; which is proclaimed around the world. Have a Happy Easter.