Blast off the Pounds celebrating weighty success

Cliff Kenyon

Not many people think losing weight can be fun or a blast.

But perhaps they haven’t met the 4 Wing Health Promotion team or heard about their program called Blast Off the Pounds.

The Health Promotion team just completed their fourth session of the program and they’re impressed with the results after 12 weeks.

“We are very happy,” says Health Promotions Specialist Lisa Fisher. “Our participants were consistently losing weight. And having fun doing it”
In total, 19 participants in the latest session lost 203 pounds.

“We are trying to help people have a healthy relationship with food,” says Fisher. “It’s learning about moderation and not taking everything out of your diet that you enjoy.”

As health professionals, Fisher says they are often advising people to change but not doing anything about it. Blast Off offers positive steps and helps participants set realistic goals.

First step in the program is a Body Composition Analysis which is repeated after six weeks and at 12 weeks to monitor results. Participants can give suggestions regarding their own topics of interest in training sessions and three fitness classes each week. Physical limitations are an important factor and fitness efforts could include yoga, weight training or laps in the pool.

Other important elements are consultations with health promotion team experts as well as peer comradeship through a Facebook support group.
“It really helps talking to someone who is trying to achieve the same things as you,” says Fisher.

The next session is in September because people are too busy to commit to a 12-week program through the summer. Blast Off the Pounds is open to all military members and dependents over 18. If you are eager to begin, Fisher says the Health Promotion Department can help you get started before September sessions begin.