Face behind the photos

The Courierface photo april 23 2

Name: Justin Spinello

Rank: Able Seaman (AB)

Hometown: Hespeler, ON

Time in the CAF: Three years

Why did you want to become a photographer? My Pops gave me a 35mm film camera when I was 12 and I’ve been shooting on and off ever since. I was heavily interested in photo journalism growing up, so I decided to attend Brock University for communications and after that I joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Imagery Technician.

What is your favorite type of photography? My favorite type of photography is of people. For me it has to show emotion, otherwise the audience may not be able to relate. Happy, sad, content, distraught, any emotion that can be captured to show the context of an event give the audience a sense of being there and may help them to understand how life was in that exact moment.

What is your Photographer dream job? My dream job would be a foreign correspondent. I want to show people how the rest of the world lives when it’s not airbrushed and photo shopped. There are 7.53 Billion people all across earth and each one has a story.

Best photo I’ve ever taken: I haven’t taken it yet.


Sapper Simon William of the Royal Engineers, British Army plays with a child at repainting the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled during Exercise TRADEWINDS 2018 in Nassau, Bahamas on June 20, 2018.
Photo: AB Justin Spinello