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1 AMS - Promotions and Presentations

Corporal Martin Tardif was one of the first members of 4 Wing to receive a FORCE Reward. This history making presentation took place in 1 Hanger, 4 Wing Cold Lake on March 22, 2019. Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Pilon, Commanding Officer of 1 Air Maintenance Squadron, accompanied by Honorary-Colonel Paul E. Storwick (left), and Chief Warrant Officer Gary Falardeau, Squadron Chief Warrant Officer, presented Cpl Tardif with his FORCE Reward, which he earned by achieving the Silver Incentive Level on his annual fitness test.
Photo: Cpl J.W.S. Houck, 4 Wing Imaging

Josey Yearley

Well done and congrats to Cpl Tardif!

But Cpl Tardif is not alone in his pursuit of excellence. Since the inception of the FORCE Rewards program in January 2019 a total of 107 members of 4 Wing have achieved either Silver, Gold or Bronze (81 Silver, 24 Gold and 1 Platinum effective 18 April 2019) earning themselves “bragging rights” and a FORCE reward. Be sure to lay claim to your reward at your next FORCE test. The secret to success is consistent training. If you need assistance/guidance in establishing an effective training regimen, the fitness staff at the Col. J.J. Parr Sports Centre are keen to help.