Respecting others key to your wellness

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Tammy Buchanan, Health Promotion Manager, leads discussion on respect during Staff Wellness Day.
Photo: Cliff Kenyon

Cliff Kenyon

Fitness and wellness can be fun and the rewards immeasurable – such as simply feeling good about yourself.

During the Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services (CFMWS) Staff Wellness Day on May 9, about six teams of four participants each took part in a Geocache challenge, organized by Tammy Buchanan, Health Promotion Manager, and her staff.

It was a fun event with teams walking and searching following clues and GPS co-ordinates to find the geocache treasure boxes. Geochaching is a worldwide activity involving the use of GPS and other navigational tools to find hidden prizes just for the fun of it. Don’t get excited. It’s not a real treasure of huge value. But the one hour search and the interaction team members had along the way is the treasure with smiling and bragging rights when they return to home base, the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre activity room, for the important work which was chatting about the theme of the activity: Be Well, Work Well, in a Safe and Respectful Workplace! It’s all part of the RCAF emphasis on health and wellness.

Buchanan used a quotation from Helen Keller to highlight the theme: “We should respect all people.”

She said it is important for team members with CFMWS and throughout the base to “remember how we treat our clients and our co-workers every day.”
Even if you pass a homeless person on the sidewalk “showing respect to them is a reflection of your character.”

We may feel badly when someone, perhaps a co-worker, speaks badly to us, but we rarely go out of our comfort zone to praise someone.

Building resiliency is the ability to handle stress and adversity, at work and at home but it can be challenging.

Buchanan said while her son is going through military basic training and finding it tougher than expected she advises him to set attainable goals broken into small steps.

“Break your goals into small things,” she said. By reaching small goals you can build your confidence.

A positive social network of friends, relatives and co-workers can be a key element contributing to your mental health.

Positive self-talking is among the top cognitive behaviours that can help you cope with stress, improve your mental health and resiliency.

“It’s a conscious effort to be more positive in your outlook,” she said.