MSS shows off new badge, motto

badge photo 2
4 MSS troops proudly wearing their new Squadron crest. (From left to right) MCpl Van Marrum, MCpl Rooney, Pte Parent-Martin, MCpl Byrne, MCpl Menard. Photo: Submitted

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Members of 4 Mission Support Squadron (MSS) are sporting a new badge and they’re proud of it.

“Everyone was invited to take part in the design,” said Chief Warrant Officer Leslie Biron. “We’re all pretty excited about it.”

The squadron’s birth is a result of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) restructuring.

“We have a new identity. We are the Titans,” said Biron Members of the squadron had the opportunity to vote on the motto and the patch and they “made their choice loud and clear,” said Biron.

The motto is: Victoriam per Firmamentum – Victory Through Support.

And how did they come up with the mascot and design for the badge?

Atlas was a Titan god in Greek mythology who bore the sky aloft. He personified the quality of endurance, which is much the trait of 4 MSS personnel to be able to continuously support 4 Wing operations.

Atlas was a leader of the Titans in their war against Zeus and after their defeat he was condemned to carry the heavens upon his shoulders. According to others he was instead appointed guardian of the pillars which held the earth and sky asunder.

“This is exactly how we support Air Space Power in Formation, at the Wing, and the Canadian Sovereignty mandate, and it is 4 MSS, the Titans, that supports them.” Said Lieutenant-Colonel Kirsten Dubreuil, Commanding Officer of the squadron.

Atlas is chosen as our mascot because 4 MSS being made up of all support trades, holds up or supports 4 Wing in all its missions. Whether it be exercises, operations or integral support to the Wing’s daily activities, the mission cannot be accomplished without all our trades working together to achieve victory and mission success. Atlas is the 4 MSS personnel, and the celestial heavens are 4 Wing.

For our patch we have taken representations from all three of the cap badges that make up 4 MSS. The globe that Atlas is holding up is from the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineering (RCEME) cap badge that represents the fact that we work all across the world. The pattern in the center background, is pulled from the beaver tail from the Construction Engineering (CE) cap badge which represents ingenuity and persistence. And the interlocking chain link around the inner circle represents the Logistics links of the Royal Canadian Logistics Service cap badge, denoting the strength in the support. Each of these three pieces being instrumental for the squadron to provide first class support to 4 Wing.

“Victoriam per Firmamentum/Victory Through Support” is to be the rallying cry of the “Titans” to represent a unit that is fierce in spirit and determination, proud to be supporters that contributes to the Victory of the Mission through strength and character!

“I hope, like me, you will wear this patch with pride.”