Face behind the photos

The Courier

DWD - Sgt France Morin

Photo: MCpl HJL MacRae

Sgt France Morin is retiring from the Imagery trade after completing a combined service of 37 years. After completing two tours in Afghanistan, working with Strategic Joint Staff, Arms Control and Verification, Open Skies and travelling the world, Sgt Morin will be moving back to her hometown in July to Pincourt, Quebec and is looking forward to rekindling old high school friendships. Here is her story.

Rank: Sergeant

Hometown: Pincourt, QC

How long have you been in the CAF: Combined service of both Reserve and Regular Force of 37 years

Why did you become an Imagery Tech: I wanted to enrol as an Air Traffic Control Operator, however the trade was closed at the time. I qualified for all trades and the Recruiting Center in Montreal offered me Photography Technician, which the trade was called back in 1982.

What is your favourite type of photography: Anything involving nature, animals and landscapes.

What is the best photo you have ever taken? There are so many images that span over the years. I loved my time in Afghanistan 2012. Below is an image that I took of Afghan people taking photos of me with their phones. It always makes me smile when I see it.

What wisdom can you give to persons joining the trade now? Don’t be afraid to speak up and give your ideas. Also remember, you did enrol to serve and protect, you are in charge of the change.

Photo: Sgt France Morin