Moosemen visit Kamloops

Moose men photo
CT-155 Hawks sit on Tarmac in Kamloops during 33rd annual mess dinner last month. Photo: Capt Taylor Cartwright

Capt Taylor Cartwright

The Moosemen of 419 “City of Kamloops” Squadron returned once again to their heritage town in British Columbia – bringing with them a four-ship of CT-155 Hawk fighter aircraft, instructors, and students.

419 Squadron’s first Commanding Officer, Wing Commander John “Moose” Fulton, was born and raised in Kamloops before flying for the Royal Air Force. During the Second World War, the squadron was adopted by the city of Kamloops. As an honour to the origins of Tactical Fighter (Training) Squadron (Tac F (T) Sqn), every subsequent CO has taken on the call sign “Moose” during their time at the squadron.

In May, RCAF Association 886 Overlander Wing hosted their 33rd annual mess dinner. In attendance were the Moosemen of 419 Tac F (T) Sqn, led by LCol Colin “Moose” Marks, 886 Wing Members, their President Wendy McKenzie, as well as Royal Canadian Legion’s Craig Thomson, and the Rocky Mountain Rangers hosted by LCol A. Vecchio, along with many local veterans. Cathy McLeod, MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Caribou attended, and Councilor Arjun Singh represented Mayor Ken Christian’s Office along with many more supporters from the City of Kamloops.

The 33rd anniversary dinner was particularly special to the squadron as it allowed the Moosemen to pay tribute to veteran William “Scotty” Falconer. Scotty was a Second World War Hurricane pilot who served in the Battle of Britain, and was approaching his 99th birthday when he passed away just a week prior to the visit. Always an inspiration to the young students as well as the seasoned instructors at the squadron, Scotty’s memory will continue to live on in 419 Tac F (T) Sqn.

The Moosemen and women always appreciate the strong relationship that exists between the squadron and the City of Kamloops. Connection like that with 886 Overlander Wing allow the squadron to celebrate a long standing and deeply rooted history with the city and its community.