Wing Commander focuses on people

Col Dave Moar took over the month as 4 Wing Commander this month. Photo: Cliff Kenyon

Cliff Kenyon

The new commander at 4 Wing Cold Lake is a people person.

“I love working with people and smoothing out relationships,” says Col. Dave Moar who became 4 Wing Commander this month taking over from Col. Paul Doyle.

There are many demands on a base commander and Moar says: “I am going to continue to focus on people.”

He has been involved in the base since being here as a cadet 30 years ago.
In 2013 he was promoted to be Commanding Officer of 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron. And led the Operations Support Squadron at 4 Wing.

“But now I am going to enjoy the opportunity to work with all people on the base.”

Moar said he has three priorities as Wing Commander.

He said Canada is likely to face increasingly severe security threats, including cyber threats, requiring 4 Wing to remain on watch.

Introduction of a new fighter jet to replace the aging CF-18 Hornet fleet will mean “huge investments” in infrastructure at 4 Wing. During the modernization phase 4 Wing will maintain their defence commitments.

And 4 Wing will also continue to stress the shared responsibility in operation of the air defence range north of the city with First Nations and oil and gas interests.

Moar joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1992 and completed advanced jet training at 15 Wing Moose Jaw in 1997. He was posted to 4 Wing in
2003 and to 441 Tactical Fighter Squadron. He was posted to 409 upon its reactivation in 2006. In Ottawa, in 2011, he served as the Operational Capabilities Manager for the Next Generation Fighter (F-35) project. In 2013, he was promoted to be Commanding Officer of 409 Tac F Squadron and commanded the Operations Support Squadron at 4 Wing.

He has more than 4,000 hours of military jet flying including 1,600 hours on the CF-18 Hornet and 250 hours in combat operations.

Moar said he is looking forward to working together with all units on the base.

He said: “It takes a determined effort to ensure each member feels they are supported as well as their families.”

He described the position of wing commander as an “exciting fast-paced job” in which it is important not to get bogged down in the details.

Preparing 4 Wing for the introduction of a new fighter jet will be a “massive challenge.”

He said he is impressed with how the community of Cold Lake “comes together to improve itself.”

“We align on a vision and get some progressive things done.”

He said he envisions increasing importance for the community of Cold Lake as 4 Wing continues being a vital element in NORAD.