WComd wants to hear from you

Cliff Kenyon

In a huge but subtle move, military leaders are changing their core mission statement in a plan to achieve even greater successes.

It has always been mission first, people always. Anyone at 4 Wing Cold Lake knows that.

But it’s a belief 4 Wing Commander Col Dave Moar said he’s not keen about.

“I don’t like that idea,” he said Sept. 26 at the Military Family Resource Centre Society (MFRCS) dinner welcoming newcomers to 4 Wing.

The new mission statement is quite simple: if you put people first then they will ensure success of the mission.

“People always have to come first, then you get a successful mission,” Moar announced.

To help achieve that goal he said he will soon be rolling out new communications strategies.

As base commander he gets regular feedback, but says he’s told that too many people on the base quickly say: “I don’t know what’s going on.”

Part of his plan is to have regular town hall meetings to help keep members informed and gather feedback.

“I’m going to make sure I’m out in front of you folks more often,” he said.
He praised the turnout of nearly 200 people at the MFRCS newcomer’s dinner, welcoming them to 4 Wing Cold Lake.

Moar, with his family, has been in Cold Lake about 15 years. He said there are many “misconceptions” about the community, primarily that it is isolated. Often CAF members are reluctant to be posted here as it is “a bit of an unknown location.”

“We are going to try to convince folks they’ve got it all wrong,” he said. “Once people have been here a few years, they then don’t want to leave.”

The supper was hosted by MFRCS to welcome newcomers and for families of deployed members so they are more aware of services available.

Currently, more than 100 4 Wing members and five CF-18 Hornets are in Romania, tasked with air policing in the region. The group includes pilots and support staff as well as maintenance crews.

“I want to thank you all for supporting your family member (who is deployed) and we are here to help you,” said Moar.

MFRCS is a key element in supporting such families. He said he learned at a recent base commander forum that 4 Wing MFRCS is hailed as one the best in the country.

“We are blessed with the MFRCS and it all comes down to staffing,” he said.
4 Wing community leaders told newcomers there are plenty of recreational and support programs in Cold Lake such as fitness facilities, an auto club and woodworking club many of them offered by Personnel Support Programs (PSP) and MFRCS.

“There’s lots to do in Cold Lake. We can help you find it,” said Diana Warbeck, Senior Manager PSP.

She outlined programs at Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre, which is operated by PSP.