4 Wing a star in feature film

Local film producers Chris Cowden and wife Patty Srisuwan are interviewed before the red carpet screening of their film Moments in Spacetime at Cold Lake Highschool theatre on Oct. 19. Photo: Cliff Kenyon

Cliff Kenyon

Chris Cowden brought some of the glitz of Hollywood and the silver screen to Cold Lake on Oct. 18.

Cowden, with his wife, Patty Srisuwan, is a film maker and had invited local dignitaries and people who took part in his film, Moments in Spacetime, to its red carpet screening held at Cold Lake High School theatre.

Cowden, who is a Bonnyville high school teacher, wrote and directed the film. Srisuwan, who is a director at the Boys and Girls Club of Bonnyville, is a co-producer and one of the stars of the full-length film.

It was filmed entirely in Cold Lake and the Lakeland district and Cowden said he hopes the film highlights for other film producers the opportunities to make films in this area.

Lead actor John Rhys-Davies, of Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings fame, did not attend the screening.

Rhys-Davies plays a grandfather stricken with dementia, a subject close to Rhys-Davies heart as his wife also suffered with the disease.

Srisuwan plays Macie, his granddaughter and care giver. In her role in the film, Srisuwan, originally from Thailand, also examines the challenges facing immigrants to Canada.

“We came up with the idea for the film about a year ago,” said Cowden. Both said they were pleased with the turnout for the screening.

Many scenes in the film will be recognizable to Cold Lake residents.

“What a remarkable night to have such support from everyone in the community. We are over the moon with all the feedback and the love. Thank you to all the delegates, guests, dignitaries,” Srisuwan said on their Facebook page following the screening.

Set in a military community in the Canadian Prairies, 12-year-old Macie (Srisuwan) is a Thai-born adoptee taken in by an infertile Canadian couple after the tsunami of 2004. Miraculously, Macie’s adoptive parents have their own natural-born daughter, Dakota, within one year of adopting Macie. The film flashes forward to 2019. Macie is in her mid-20s and still lives at home. She faces daily struggles to define her identity, especially with her grandfather, Mason (Rhys-Davies).

The relationships Macie is surrounded by are having a profound impact on her sense of identity. Macie’s experiences lead to a journey that takes many turns.

Scenes of the movie were also filmed at 4 Wing Cold Lake, including a scene in a hangar.

The film will be shown for one week started Oct. 25 at Grand Square Cinema in Cold Lake.

Next year, Cowden said he expects the movie will be shown at film festivals.