Powerful force drives 4 Wing

From the Editor’s Desk

Cliff Kenyon

There’s a powerful force at work at 4 Wing Cold Lake.

You can’t touch it. You can’t measure it. And it’s more powerful than a CF-18 Hornet.

That’s nothing. This force is even more powerful than a modern supersonic jet.

It’s the human spirit. It’s the dreamers who set a goal and achieve it. It’s that powerful community spirit that you can feel at 4 Wing.

Wing Commander Col Dave Moar knows it. He says he puts people first. Even before mission. Because if you put people first, a successful mission will follow.

Many people agree that with others just about any goal can be achieved. It’s being proven over and over again at 4 Wing.

Enthusiasts at Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre know it. Nearly 1,000 people on base took part in Canadian Armed Forces Sports Day. And they had a blast competing in their favorite activities thanks for the countless number of hours of planning by staff at Personnel Support Programs (PSP).

That powerful spirit isn’t ignited only during working hours or dependent on incentives offered by the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s a lifestyle at 4 Wing.

Fire fighters at 4 Wing Cold Lake are enthused about fire prevention. They are driven. It’s their way of giving to their community and doing their best to prevent disaster.

Cheryl Vincent, honoured for more than 30 years of work and success at Military Family Resource Centre Society last week, told well wishers you can achieve nothing alone. It takes a dedicated team, which she was eager to join in.

Sometimes it’s done just for the fun of it. People putting in countless hours of unpaid effort with no reward in mind other than helping others and their community.

Taylor Forrest has for several years organized the Cold Lake Haunt. No one told him to. No one even asked him to do such a thing. Forrest and some friends saw it as way to provide some fun for the community at Halloween. They saw a need and filled it, even spending their own money at first to make it happen.

It’s a can-do and will-do attitude that thrives at 4 Wing and in the community of Cold Lake.