4 Wing Cold Lake quarterly honours and awards

Special Service Medal – NATO Rotation Bar

The Special Service Medal (SSM) recognizes members of the Canadian Forces (CF) who have performed a service determined to be under exceptional circumstances, in a clearly defined locality for a specified duration. This medals is always issued with a bar that specifies the special service being recognized, each bar having its own criteria. The NATO bar is awarded when an aggregate of 180 days of honourable service within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) area of responsibility.

MWO Farrow, Op Reassurance, Romania, 25 Aug 2017 – 13 Jan 2018

MCpl Chambers-Anderson, Op Reassurance, Romania, 24 Aug 2017 – 8 Jan 2018

General Service Medal Expedition Ribbon

The General Service Medal (GSM) is awarded to members of the CF and members of allied forces serving with the CF who deploy outside of Canada – but not necessarily into a theatre of operations – to provide direct support, on a full-time basis, to operations in the presence of an armed enemy.

Capt Maurer, Op Foundation, 13 Oct 2018 – 27 Apr 2019

Joint Task Force – IMPACT Commanders Commendation

This Joint Task Force – IMPACT commander’s commendation is awarded to MCpl Kukushkin.

MCpl Grace Kukushkin deployed initially to Kuwait and then to Iraq from November 2018 to May 2019 as part of the Ministerial Team. While deployed as the unit Chief Clerk, she worked tirelessly and with complete dedication to ensure the truly multinational unit was provided the highest level of administration and financial support possible. MCpl Kukushkin’s technical knowledge and problem solving ability had a direct positive influence on the Joint Task Force – IMPACT’s reputation within the coalition.

Also for distinguished service during this deployment, MCpl Kukushkin is awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal for meritorious service for the armed forces of the United States.

Established on Aug. 3, 1983, this award was established by and is awarded in the name of the United States Secretary of Defense for either outstanding achievement or meritorious service and takes precedence before the achievement medals of the military services.

MCpl Kukushkin distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious service as the Chief Clerk, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, Bagdad, Iraq, from 24 November 2018 to 24 May 2019. During this period, MCpl Kukushkin was the non-commissioned officer in charge of administration for the Ministerial Liaison Team as well as coordination for all Canadians reporting to the Director of CJ-7. MCpl Kukushkin worked tirelessly on the full range of administrative duties for all members of the CJ-7 Directorate flawlessly processing member’s pay, allowances, Canadian specific recognition and medals, personnel actions, visa renewal and re-assignment throughout the area of responsibility. She diligently processed nearly 80 leave and finance requests and was the Canadian purchasing officer, receiving invoices and executing reimbursement of local purchases. Finally, MCpl Kukushkin coordinated movement, housing and related tasks for transitioning personnel. The distinctive accomplishments of MCpl Kukushkin reflect credit upon herself, the combined Joint Task Force, the Canadian Armed Forces and her country.

Commander Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Commendation

Cpl Ali Karnib

Cpl Karnib displayed exceptional resilience and professionalism during his second deployment with Operation IMPACT as a Linguist. Cpl Karnib selflessly worked beyond his personal limits to ensure mission success as a force multiplier who performed the duties of two full time linguists in providing a critical capability to this operating environment. He directly contributed to a multitude of tactical, operational and strategic successes through the clear and timely passage of information, thus exemplifying the CANSOFCOM ethos.

Wing Commander’s Commendation

The following three Wing Commander’s commendations were awarded last quarter, however, the members were unable to attend at that time.

MCpl Laura Lovatt

MCpl Laura Lovatt works tirelessly to ensure that 10 FTTS can meet its mandate of providing qualified and authorized technicians for the CF-188 fleet. She is often the first person in and the last to leave displaying her dedication to 10 FTTS’s motto of “To Make Proficient”. For constantly exhibiting inspirational leadership in the Sqn, across the Wing and in the community, her unparalleled dedication towards everything she does, MCpl Lovatt is truly deserving of the 4 Wing Commander’s Commendation.

4 Wing Taskings/PFG Cell

Sgt Doerksen – PO2 Perez – Cpl Morran – Cpl Robert

While tasked as the Primary Force Generator (PFG) Cell for Op IMPACT Roto 8, the Taskings Cell provided outstanding support to both theatre and 150 units across the CAF. They ensured 1175 deploying members had fulfilled all requirements and files were completed prior to deployment. Working long hours, without hesitation and often with evolving priorities, the members of the Taskings Cell displayed the commitment, dedication, professionalism and teamwork required to meet the demands of this high operational tempo.

664 Royal Cadet Air Cadet Squadron Military Volunteers

Sgt Smith –MCpl Poulin – Cpl Overton – Avr Brunell – Avr Desrosiers – Avr Frampton – Cpl Stafford

With great energy, commitment and pride this team of selfless volunteers from across 4 Wing worked together during the past year to enhance the training program for the youth of 664 Cold Lake Air Cadets. Through mentorship and leadership by example, these former Cadets gave of their own time during weeknights and weekends to impart their expertise and experience in delivering high quality instruction and creative supplemental activities. The efforts and initiatives of this community-minded group, combined with a positive and generous attitude, directly contributed to the overall success of the local Air Cadet training year.

The following are recipients of the Wing Commanders Commendation for this quarter.

Capt Makkhuen

Captain Makkhuen is awarded the Wing Commander’s Commendation for his exceptional dedication and work ethic as Acting Wing Comptroller. During a period of six months, multiple Wing Comptroller handovers and periods of vacancy, Captain Makkhuen kept the Branch on track and went well above and beyond his rank and experience levels to ensure continuity of service to the Wing, while remaining responsive to higher headquarters. Captain Makkhuen is recognized for his outstanding performance during this stressful transition period.

Cpl Murphy

In the last year, Cpl Bridget Murphy has gone above and beyond expectations in her RTF roles as IC First Aid Training and First Aid instructor Trainer. From September 2018 to August 2019, she taught 50 Standard Military First Aid courses, 3 First Aid Instructor courses and 6 Combat First Aid courses; totalling 127 days of instruction and over 500 students trained. Cpl Murphy expertly managed her time and efforts thereby enabling RTF to meet its Mandate to 4 Wing.

4 Wing Explosives Area 1 AMS/4 MSS

Sgt Lepore – MCpl Dixon – MCpl Schnabel – MCpl Wall – Cpl Fuhr – Cpl Harris – Cpl Robinson – Avr Jaerschky – Avr Malins – Avr Triplet

Through exceptional leadership, stock management, and education the following personnel enabled the Explosives Storage Area to achieve an annual stocktaking discrepancy rate of 4 per cent: Sgt Lepore, MCpl Dixon, MCpl Schnabel, MCpl Wall, Cpl Fuhr, Cpl Harris, Cpl Robinson, Avr Jaerschky, Avr Malins, and Avr Triplett. This accomplishment marks a major milestone in the pursuit of continuous improvement. The collaboration of technicians from 1AMS and 4MSS has drastically improved accountability and set a new standard at 4 Wing.

Airperson of the Quarter

MCpl Cardinal

MCpl Cardinal has distinguished himself through professionalism, dedication, and ceaseless efforts by volunteering to assist 401 Sqn with repairing their aircraft for a major deployment. He also volunteered with an NSO tasking, where he helped troubleshoot a difficult fuel snag on a critical flying asset in support of NORAD. When not assisting other Sqns, MCpl Cardinal is busy instructing at 10 FTTS and volunteering for “Master of Ceremonies” responsibilities. This dedication and initiative has directly contributed to the longevity of these flying assets and the ability for the RCAF to effectively train AVN technicians, deserving him Air Person of the Quarter.

Team of the Quarter

4 OSS TF IFRCC (Instrument Flight Rules Control Centre)

On 29 May 2019, the IFRCC Maintenance section reported a “green” SITREP for the first time in several years, signifying that all Airfield equipment under their AOR was serviceable. An extraordinary achievement made possible with persistence, superior technical expertise and dedicated teamwork. Through continuous perseverance in the pursuit of this end state, these technicians directly enabled Air Ops during a high tempo period and demonstrated an RCAF capability to effectively support the challenges associated with local and international flying Ops.

The following are the members of this team. Unfortunately some of them could not be here today.

Sgt St Pierre – MCpl Becker – MCpl Blakeman – MCpl Perry – Cpl Abbott – Cpl Brown – Cpl Calder – Cpl Chapman – Cpl Desjardins – Cpl Frost – Cpl Leighton – Cpl Lizotte – Avr St. Cyr

Safety Person of the Quarter

Sgt Simmons

Sgt Simmons is awarded the 4 Wing Safety Award for his professionalism and diligence in recognising a physical hazard at the 22 metre range. In observing the backdrop separating he reported the deficiency, resulting in an inspection that confirmed the observation and the hazard. Sgt Simons then took it upon himself to further research a mitigation strategy until an engineered repair could be applied to the hazard. His observation and follow-on actions are an example of how timely reporting and continued attentiveness can work towards initially mitigating, and ultimately rectifying, a hazardous situation.

Wing Commanders Coin

Sarah Cappiello-Forgues

Sarah Cappiello-Forgues is awarded the Wing Commanders Coin for her exceptional efforts as a Financial Services Administrator in the Claims Section of Wing Comptroller. She is the embodiment of truly exceptional customer service and goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job. Her attention to detail, kindness, helpful attitude and dedication are second to none. 4 Wing members, her coworkers and Chain of Command alike are extremely grateful for her contributions.

The Force Rewards Program

The FORCE Rewards Program has been implemented to motivate our CAF personnel to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle while recognizing those who achieve a high level of health-related and operational fitness. Their exceptional results set a strong example for their peers, in conjunction with the entire Canadian Armed forces. Sgt Madge has achieved the Platinum Incentive Level on his annual FORCE Evaluation.

Sgt Matthew Madge


MWO MacMillan

WO MacMillan has been promoted from WO to MWO effective 27 Sep 2019
MWO MacMillan enrolled in the CAF 2 March 1989.

He has been posted to Greenwood and returned to Cold Lake in 2009.

MWO MacMillan exhibits inspirational leadership amongst his peers, unparalleled dedication towards the mission and initiative to bring improvements to Canadian Armed Forces capabilities in support of 4 Wing operational commitments.

MWO MacMillan has played multiple roles throughout his last two years at 10 FTTS but has now moved on and taken his new role as the Chief Instructor of 10 FTTS.

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