Climate outlook for November in Cold Lake

Cpl Jennifer Fox, Briefer/Observer

As the Thanksgiving and Halloween draw fall to an end for another year, poppies will be worn as we approach Remembrance Day.

October has been fairly mild and dry with below zero temperatures overnight. Rainfall amount was a 24.6mm and a snow amount of 13.6cm with not much sticking around. This month has had an above average of precipitation with 39.8mm with the normal average of 18.9mm. Temperatures have been average, the warmest temperature at 16.4ºC on the 7th and the lowest -13.6ºC on the 30th. As we head into November, the Lakeland should expect more snowfall.

November is a time to remember those who have fought for Canada. It’s also the month when winter sets in with temperatures falling well below zero. Average normal temperatures for the month are -2.6ºC as a high and -10.8ºC for a low. Coldest temperature recorded was in 1955 on the 28th at -36.7ºC and the warmest was in 1975 on the 3rd with 18.9ºC. Rainfall has been recorded in the month with the highest recorded amount at 6mm on the 3rd in 2008. Snowfall is a guarantee with the highest recorded amount at 30.1cm on the 1st in 1953. Average norms for the month are 1.4mm of rain and 24.6cm of snow.

Bundle up for the upcoming colder months. Watch for ice and stay safe.