Reservists now eligible to earn FORCE rewards

force awards

Tovah Fenske, Fitness Coordinator

As of January 1, 2020 the FORCE Rewards Program includes all Reserve Force personnel (Class A, B and C) who achieve Silver or higher on the FORCE Fitness Profile.

The process is relatively simple:

1. Complete your FORCE test and achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum.
2. The IPad testing system, called Form-E-Fit will automatically upload your test results to Guardian (which is where your MPRR gets its data from).
3. Guardian then uploads all eligible FORCE rewards to Logistik Unicorp.
4. You log into your account and there will be a message telling you that your reward is there and how to claim it.
5. You choose your sizing and order the reward and have it shipped to Col. J.J. Parr Sports Centre 4 Wing Cold Lake.
6. We receive it and send it to your chain of command whom will present it to you. Should you reach the Platinum level it will be presented by the Wing Commander.

While the process is simple it does take some time. Guardian only sends updates to Logistik the 15th and 30th of each month, which means you may need to wait just over two weeks before your reward is ready to be claimed. Logistik only ships rewards out once per month at the beginning of each month, which means it can take up to six weeks for your award to arrive in Cold Lake. Once we receive the rewards we have them delivered to the unit, typically in two weeks. Finally your chain of command will present awards at an appropriate time.

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For more information regarding FORCE rewards please check out the below link.