Clothing inventory a big job for volunteers

Replenishment Supply 100% Invintory
Personnel of Replenishment Flight – 4 Mission Support Squadron conduct an inventory in their warehouse, at Building 171, 4 Wing Cold Lake in January. Photo: MCpl J.W.S. Houck, 10 FTTS Imaging

Cliff Kenyon

The New Year sees many units at 4 Wing Cold Lake enjoying a break after a busy season.

But not at 4 MSS Replenishment Flight, also known as the Clothing Store.
This winter has been busier than usual because they have been conducting a full inventory of the warehouse.

It’s obligatory, as outlined in supply policy and directives, and is a key element in enabling efficient logistical support to the Wing.

To make the job a bit easier, 4 MSS called for help from volunteers to assist the with task.

The unit has a staff of about 6 supply technicians. The efforts were augmented by about 14 volunteers from throughout 4 Wing.

“We have a really good team here.”

Even with volunteer helpers it’s a big task which took about two weeks to complete. The Clothing Store warehouses about 4,000 different items from uniforms and boots to gas masks. And every item had to be counted and recorded to ensure optimum efficiency.

“Always a busy place with continuous requests,” says MCpl Keynes Jean-Pierre, Clothing Stores supervisor.

He added that an increase of deployments at 4 Wing, nationally-driven kit recalls for items such as rucksacks and sleeping bags as well as clothing shortages and meeting mission mandates has increased the volume of commitments at the Clothing Stores.

Also, introduction of new kits has added more tasks and responsibilities.
“There have been a lot of people from 4 Wing deployed. If we can satisfy the requirements and make people happy, it’s all worthwhile.”

Materiel Control Officer PO2 Katlyn Manion admits the job can be challenging. Calling it the Clothing Store isn’t entirely accurate.

“We stock just about everything that a CAF member can carry, not including a weapon or ammunition. If they can carry it, we have it.”

Indeed, they stock long shelves of clothing, but not just air force uniforms. They can also meet the needs of army and navy members.

“It’s all about customer service. We have to do it the right way.”

She said most members are understanding when an item isn’t available immediately.

“We are all on the same team. We all work together.”

Replenishment Supply 100% Invintory
Photo: MCpl J.W.S. Houck 10 FTTS Imaging