Are you a good sport?

The Courier

Base athletes should do more than pump iron. They should also blow their own horn and tell others about their achievements.

It’s part of being a winner – to inspire others in sport, said PSP (Personnel Support Programs) Sports Coordinator Jerry Ingham.

PSP is looking for nominees for the annual sports awards to be presented on May 7.

“We need nominations so we can recognize the best of the best,” said Ingham.

It’s easy to be nominated and you don’t even break into a sweat. Go to and fill out the nomination form to outline your achievements during 2019. PSP sports and the 4 Wing leadership will review nominations to pick an award winner.

Awards are presented in categories for the best of 2019: best team
of the year, best coach, best official, and best athletes female and

Winners from 2018 were: for best team, 4 Wing Men’s Volleyball and 4 Wing Nijmegen Team, best coach was Sgt Robert West for basketball, best official was Sgt Giancarlo Pavone in soccer, best female athlete was Maj Alana Cadieux, a multi sport enthusiast and best male athlete golfer MWO Paul Swansburg.

All those nominated are invited to the PSP Awards Banquet on May 7.

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