Awards bring smiles

honours and awards
WO David Gilroy receives a Special Service Medal – NATO Bar from Wing Commander Col Dave Moar. Photo: MCpl Shane Rudderham

Cliff Kenyon

Ask any pilot what their favourite thing is to do and they’ll tell you it’s flying.

But high on favourites for Wing Commander Col Dave Moar is presenting awards.

Col Moar has said as Wing Commander he puts people first.

“Recognition is an important part of putting people first and is one way that we can show our team our appreciation and our respect.”

He said he was thrilled with the turnout for the quarterly awards ceremony held at 4 Wing on February 5.

“Today’s ceremony was the largest I’ve ever seen at 4 Wing with over 200 people in attendance to support and congratulate the recipients. It’s outstanding to see our members taking the time to submit their subordinates, peers, and supervisors for these special honours.”

“A wide array of honours to military and civilian members were presented including service medals for deployed operations, leadership, fitness awards, NORAD commendations and many more. This is one of the highlights of my job and I’m already looking forward to our next ceremony,” said Col Moar.

It is no surprise to see so many award recipients, being recognized in so many different categories and across the whole spectrum of our Defence Team at 4 Wing. Every single day I see the men and woman of this Wing rise up to the challenges of operational excellence whether at home or abroad. We may be a small force (relatively speaking to other countries) but we punch way above our weight and that is something that each of us should be extremely proud of,” said Wing Chief Warrant Officer Rémi Nault.

There were six recipients of the Special Service Medal – NATO Bar (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) It recognizes members who have performed a service determined to be under exceptional circumstances in a clearly defined locality for a specified duration. It is always issued with a bar that specifies the service being recognized. The NATO bar is awarded when 180 days of service is completed within a NATO area of responsibility. Recipients who took part in Operation Reassurance are: Capt Patrick Shaver, WO Daryl Gilroy, MCpl Daniel Short, Cpl Francis Beaulieu, MCpl James O’Toole and Avr Raymond Kopeschny. Serving on HMCS Halifax was MCpl Daniel Short.

The Special Service Medal – Expedition Bar recognizes service outside of Canada for 45 days. Recipient is Cpl Huy Dang.

Avr Evan Jackman served on Operation Presence in Mali. He was awarded the Operational Service Medal – Expedition Ribbon. He was also awarded the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal.

Capt Kyle Harbottle was awarded the Canadian Joint Operation Command Commendation. As part of Operation Reassurance he was deployed to Keflavik, Iceland where he was the lead planner.

1 CAD Commanders Commendation was awarded to 4 Wing Cold Lake EFASS/MSS – A Built Team. In late 2019, two temporary aircraft shelters were erected on short notice at 4 Wing to enhance NORAD response time. The diverse team of engineers and support personnel worked under challenging weather conditions to complete the project.

Hélène Perreault won a Defence Team Official Languages Honourable Mention.

During 2019, five recipients received the ADM (IE) Awards for Indigenous Relationships which recognized positive relationships with Cold Lake First Nations and Canoe Lake Cree Nation. Recipients were: Col Moar, LCol Seane Doel, LCol Mark Hickey, Maj Christopher Horch and Dick Brakele, 4OSS Range Activities Officer.

A Wing Commander Commendation went to Sgt Jason Power and MCpl Joshua McGillivray for preparations for maintenance audits at 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron while more than half of the unit’s personnel were deployed in Romania. A commendation went to the 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron Rear Party for maintaining NORAD posture at home while most technicians were deployed in Romania.

Capt Kathryn Guenther won a Wing Commander’s Commendation for supporting women’s activities and interest in aviation.

Airperson of the Quarter was LS Andrew Cleveland, a flight medical technician with 417 Combat Support (CS) Squadron. LS Cleveland, contributed to readiness by being on standby 24-7 for two consecutive months and during that time took part in two successful rescues in the Northwest Territories.

Team of the Quarter was the CF-18 Demo Maintenance Team. No shows were missed due to maintenance issues and their professionalism and dedication represented to the public what 4 Wing and the Air Force embody.

Safety Person of the Quarter was Sgt Christian Samson, 417 CS Squadron Flight Engineer, who quickly noticed a fuel leak on a CH-146 Griffon shortly after takeoff on Dec. 17. His troubleshooting minimized damage and the aircraft returned safely to the Wing.

Andrea Crowder, Deputy Wing Commander Administrative Assistant, was named Civilian of the Quarter for contributing to the overall success of the branch.

Best Business not for Profit was Cold Lake Commissionaires.

Members who achieved Platinum Incentive Level in annual FORCE Evaluation were also recognized.

awards shaver
Capt Patrick Shaver, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards gilroy
WO Daryl Gilroy, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards short
MCpl Daniel Short, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards beaulieu
Cpl Francis Beaulieu, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards james o
MCpl James O’Toole, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards kopeschny
Cpl Raymond Kopeschny, Special Service Medal – NATO Bar
awards dang
Cpl Huy Dang, Special Service Medal – Expedition Bar
awards jackman
Avr Jackman. Operational Service Medal – Expedition Ribbon. He was also awarded the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal.
awards harbottle
Capt K.J. Harbottle, Canadian Joint Operations Command Commendation
honours and awards
4 Wing Cold Lake EFASS/MSS-A Build Team, 1 CAD Commanders Commendation
awards perreault
Madame Hélène Perreault, Official Languages Honourable Mention
awards power & mcGillivray
Sgt Power and MCpl McGillivray, Wing Commanders Commendation
honours and awards
4 Wing Cold Lake EFASS/MSS-A Build Team, 1 CAD Commanders Commendation
awards guenther
Capt Kathryn Guenther, Wing Commanders Commendation
awards cleveland
LS Andrew Cleveland, Airperson of the Quarter
awards cf 18 maintance
CF-18 Demo Maintenance Team, Team of the Quarter
awards samson
Sgt Christian Samson, Safety Person of the Quarter
awards crowder
Andrea Crowder, Civilian of the Quarter
awards button
Doug Button, Manager of Cold Lake Commissionaires, Best Business Not for Profit Cold Lake