Be ready for the new normal

From the Editor’s Desk

Cliff Kenyon

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL.

I know we are still trying to figure out what that is.

But we can do it. As Prime Minister Trudeau has told us: We are in this together.

Perhaps he should add that our new weapon is patience.

Sure, we don’t know how long this will last. No one does. Be patient.

Yes, we will have to wait until the situation changes. Be patient.

But most of us really aren’t very good at that.

I have noticed, since being in Cold Lake about a year as editor of The Courier, that most members of the Canadian Armed Forces really aren’t naturally patient. This is my first experience working with the military on a daily basis. Generally, I would say CAF members are achievers. Members set a goal, determine the best course of action, and reach their goal and enjoy the rewards that come with success.

This is clearly the biggest threat Canada has ever faced. It threatens not just the military but every one of us, everywhere. You cannot run and cannot hide from this one. It’s tapping you on the shoulder everywhere you go at any time.

In popular lingo: We sure didn’t see this coming.

There is no way we ever could have been prepared for this.

And now, when we are ready to fight it, many of us are told to stay at home and be patient.

It seems we are tasked with beating this invisible enemy using weapons we are not accustomed to.

We are told, in fact ordered, to go home, stay at home.

To most of us home is where we relax, take it easy. But home may now be our place of business or where we wait and do nothing pulling out of the arsenal our most powerful weapon: Patience.

No. It isn’t easy. Few things that are truly worthwhile are easy.

While it may seem to all of us at home an idle, wasted time, it’s not.

We are told this is how we will vanquish this threat.

And remember: We are all in this together. We all must be patient.

And don’t forget that although we are in this together – we are two metres apart.