Message from the 4 Wing Chaplain Team

Chaplain’s Corner

During the last few days many of us have enjoyed Easter, a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the victory of life over death. The Coronavirus outbreak, however, has affected different spheres of our lives: many of us have been working remotely, our children have been staying at home, our routine has been disrupted and special measures have been imposed on us. We live in unusual times.

Some of you might actually enjoy this “down time”. Others amongst us might be feeling lonely, anxious, even desperate because of the fear brought by so many uncertainties despite the fact that our leadership and chain of command do their best to keep us informed and optimistic.

Although we might not be able to participate physically in many religious activities and family gatherings this year, let us try to make the best of this time, let us be generous towards each other, let us look out for those who are in need and reach out to those who might be lonely by telephone and social media. Despite the requirements of physical distancing we can reach out to those who might need us. Let us bring hope and comfort to each other. Let us be creative in the ways we can show them our love. Easter in all its deep spiritual meaning also means happiness with chocolate eggs and bunnies, with long conversations with our loved ones, even if it means doing it via different social media platforms.

We draw hope from a variety of sources, from our religious beliefs, the love of our families, the relationships with friends and the work we do well. Each of these give us hope in our daily lives.

Whatever your religious tradition you can draw from the riches of your faith and find in them many resources to give you strength, faith, hope
and comfort.

Be assured that I and all our padres keep you and your families in our prayers. Let us pray for each other regardless of our tradition. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support or know someone who might need help.

May the Love and Peace of God be with you and your families during this Easter season and the days to come. God bless.